The European Janusz Korczak Academy is a partner of The Jewish Agency for Israel.

About Us

The European Janusz Korczak Academy is a Jewish educational institution founded in 2009 that welcomes guests and visitors from all segments of society, and a partner of The Jewish Agency for Israel. Its goal is to reinforce Jewish identity and to strengthen as well as open the Jewish community and to dispel prejudices and preconceptions prevalent among both Jews and non-Jews.

We see ourselves as an educational institution that follows in the footsteps of great Polish-Jewish physician and pedagogue Janusz Korczak. Our goal is to ask further questions and to look for answers that serve to both suit and stir up the individual as well as the family and society at large. Taking up where Korczak had to leave off, the European Janusz Korczak Academy (EJKA), we want to provide an opportunity for dialogue and do our share of tiqqun olam, i.e. „repairing the world“ in Hebrew, by means of education and training.

The Academy's program is based on practical training and education – both formal and informal. It seeks and supports education that recognizes the fellow human being we encounter face-to-face. Both direct personal contact and pan-European exchange are part of its program. The Academy offers family programs, seminars and pilot projects with scientific and humanitarian goals. Guests are invited to share their knowledge and provide material for discussion. Children's rights and human rights remain our central concern.
The primary goals of our activities include:

  • providing support and know-how for associations and organizations that come from within the Jewish community
  • furthering the active involvement of students, young Jewish adults and families in humanitarian and Jewish issues within a European and transatlantic framework
  • developing intercultural as well as interreligious dialogue from a decidedly Jewish perspective
  • a particular commitment to children’s and human rights

In working towards these goals, we employ three main tools: Education, guidance and a broad societal network.
Our academy’s work is done in two educational centers. Our „Janusz Korczak Houses“ are located in Munich and Berlin.

The majority of our projects are centered in Munich or Berlin; however, we operate in all of Germany. Cooperating with Jewish communities and educational institutions, we also realize projects in Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Poland and the United Kingdom. Outside of Europe, the focus of our work lies in Israel, the states of the former Soviet Union and the U.S.

You can reach our head office in Munich Monday through Thursday between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. Please note that during on-going events we may not be able to answer your call. We will thank you for making an appointment with us by phone or e-mail. We will also be happy to call you back after you leave a message on our answering machine, by e-mail or mail.