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XII International conference on alternative education

The XII International conference on alternative education, organized by the Institute for Alternative Education St. Petersburg in cooperation with the European Janusz Korczak Academy, will take place in Helsinki between June 16th and June 19th. This year's conference will be dedicated to the topic «Pedagogics of Art and Art of Pedagogics» and will be held in the form of a "Conferencival", combining features of a conventional conference with elements of a festival. Some of the questions discussed will be:
- pedagogical opportunities of art (theatre, cinema, fine art, etc) in the development of feelings and the mode of thoughts;
- the art of possibility in pedagogy (the capacity to help, support, develop in situations which look desperate);
- pedagogy as art.
Detailed information on program and schedule : PDF
Application form and formal details: DOC
Application deadline is May 31st.