The European Janusz Korczak Academy is a partner of The Jewish Agency for Israel.

"Gesher" - Forum for Intercultural and Interreligious Activities

It has always been the goal of the Korczak Academy to enable and support intercultural and interreligious activities whenever and wherever they occur. Our “Gesher” program is intended as a bridge towards representatives of all faiths and cultures within society, as implied already by its name: “Gesher” is the Hebrew word for “bridge”. In the framework of a society that fosters the free expression of any peaceful religious belief, we proudly and openly speak about our traditions and our identity as Jews. We want to spread knowledge and engage in dialogue with anyone who seeks it. A solid foundation of knowledge and mutual respect can engender any multi-cultural society to realize its potential to the fullest; building that foundation can be challenging even for a functioning democracy – but it is well worth the effort.

“Gesher” events, such as lectures and exhibitions, traditionally cater not only to a strictly Jewish audience; rather, they aim to make Jewish cultural tradition and past as well as contemporary art accessible to a wider public. Cooperating with our partners, we try to further interreligious exchange with the overall aim of a society dedicated to tolerance and a peaceful coexistence.
At the core of Gesher’s activities, however, there remains the Janusz Korczak Week, is held in November every year. During the JKW, we carry on Korczak’s educational legacy and work to advocate a pedagogy based on mutual respect.

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