Die Europäische Janusz Korczak Akademie ist ein Partner der Jewish Agency for Israel.

Ansprache von Jitzhak Herzog, Vorsitzender der jewish Agency for Israel, anlässlich des 10-jährigen Jubiläums der Europäischen Janusz Korczak Akademie beim „Fest der Werte“ vom 09. Juli 2019

Speech of Jitzchak Herzog, Chairman of the Jewish Agency for Israel

At the „Values“- Festivity  celebrating a Decade of the European Janusz Korczak Academy

on July 9th 2019:


„Dear friends,

thank you very much for being involved in the activities of this wonderful educational Jewish Academy in Germany, now celebrating a decade to its existance baring the name of illustrious Janusz Korczak, a role model for all of us in education, in love of humanity, in love of human beings, in love of young kids and of course in love of the Jewish People. So, this torch that is carried from generation to generation, is now with wou in Germany. As your Community is building institutions, as your Community is forming itself, as many of you came from the former Soviet Union, I want to command you and congratulate you. I want to thank Eva Haller, your Chairperson, and I want to strenghten the Partnership, the Jewish between the Jewish Agency - the „Sochnut“ – and you with this wonderful chain of Korczak activities all over Germany in this wonderful Academy. I was impressed when I saw it in Germany. I wish you well, we hope to go together from strength to strength. ‚Behazlacha‘ in your activities and let’s do good together.“