Die Europäische Janusz Korczak Akademie ist ein Partner der Jewish Agency for Israel.

“Speaking volumes” – Die Macht der Worte“ Global Day of Jewish Learning in Munich and in Nurnberg

On the 17.11. 2019 the European Janusz Korczak Academy in Munich hosted a Round Table on the topic of „Speaking Volumes” – Die Macht der Worte” about the policy of commemoration and remembrance in education today in Germany and Russia as part of the Global Day of Jewish Learning. Many experts were invited to voice their opinion and their perspectives on this topic. Among the guests were:  Prof. Dr. Ilya Altman, Roman Zhigun and Svetlana Tihankina from the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center in Moscow.

Other experts were Dr. Lilia Antipow from the “Haus des deutschen Ostens” (House of the German East), Yuliya Saal and Dr. Andrea Löw from the Leibniz Institute for Contemporary History Munich, Peter Hilkes from the Ludwig-Maximilians-University Munich, historian Leonid Mininberg, Prof. Dr. Barbara Distel and Anette Eberle from the “Katholischen Stiftungshochschule” in Munich, Roman Haller from the Claims Conference and Eva Haller and Dr. Stanislav Skibinski from the board of the European Janusz Korczak Academy. Everyone got to share their perspectives and their knowledge on these topics. It was a very lively and interesting conversation where many different experiences were shared between the experts and the invited public. Many different topics were brought up during this discussion. For example, the meaning and the association the word Holocaust has in Russia and how the Holocaust is part of general education and specially education in schools. Another important topic was, the exchange about the development of the depiction of the Holocaust in the soviet cinema in relation to the power of word. Also, the silence of the soviet government towards the Holocaust and the persecution of the Jews and the fact that the soviet government put more value on the lives of soviet citizen than on the genocide of the Jewish People.
On the 17.11.2019 the European Janusz Korczak Academy in Munich also held a closing event of the exhibition „Holocaust: Annihilation, Liberation, Rescue” provided by the Russian Research and Educational Holocaust Center in Moscow. After a small reception, Prof. Dr. Ilya Altman, the curator, presented the exhibition, gave an inside look to the guests on how the exhibition was created and answered many interesting questions of the public. In the presentation the “power of words” in connection with images and remembrance was in detail explained and discussed. It was a very informative and powerful event and exhibition.